Wedding Ceremony Music

What kind of ceremony do you want? Religious, non-religious, traditional, unique, elegant, upbeat, whatever you choose - Arcadia Brass can set the mood and make your wedding ceremony an event that lives up to your dreams.  Some of the different types of wedding ceremonies we have played are listed below.

Church Wedding Music

This is where the Arcadia Brass really shines - we have the experience to know what works well in a church wedding.  We have played for hundreds of Christian weddings, both Protestant and Catholic, and we know how to manage the "house rules" of the ceremony and the acoustics of the space.  Our leaders, besides being virtuoso trumpet players, are also experienced church music directors, and can serve as organist and vocalist in addition to playing the trumpet.  We keep the prelude music (mp3) joyful but prayerful by using baroque and classical selections.  The brass instruments make the procession (mp3) sound majestic and stately.  During the ceremony, you may choose a meditative instrumental piece (mp3), or a vocal piece after the exchange of rings.  We often blend our warmest, sweetest sounds with a vocalist to enhance the music.  And your recessional (mp3) is an energetic burst of glorious sound.

Non-religious Wedding Music

For a non-religious ceremony, you've got a lot of flexibility in what music you can choose.  You can still choose the stately and elegant baroque and classical music that Arcadia Brass plays so well.  Instrumental renditions of sacred music can still have their place in your ceremony, and can lend a tone of importance and dignity even in a casual setting.  You can also choose favorite songs, movie themes, Broadway tunes, and secular classical pieces that appeal to you. Many of these options are available in published arrangements for brass.  If needed, Arcadia Brass will write a new arrangement just for you!  We have arranged many pieces to honor clients' requests - from grand opera (Verdi's "Triumphal March" from Aida) to the movies (Star Wars, Gone with the Wind, etc) to Broadway, rock, pop and country. (We do charge an additional fee for custom arrangements, but we'll always be very clear about this during your music selection process.)

Wedding Music at Your Catering Hall

A wedding ceremony at a catering hall can be as simple or fancy as you like. For a simple ceremony, Arcadia Brass can provide one of our less expensive ensembles, such as a trumpet duo.  We play a flashy fanfare to begin the ceremony, continue with a stately procession (mp3) for your entrance, and play festive music (mp3) for your recessional and receiving line.  For something more elegant, the Arcadia Brass Quintet can provide the full ceremony treatment - preludes as guests arrive (mp3) and take their seats, the procession, accompanying a singer during the ceremony, recessional, receiving line music, AND continue with music for cocktail hour (mp3).  The Quintet switches easily between styles from ceremony to reception.  Listen to our ceremony music or cocktail hour music.

Music for Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Arcadia Brass makes a great choice for outdoor ceremonies.  Brass instruments have great projection and presence and are the right choice for open spaces.  We've performed at both the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and the New York Botanical Garden, and outdoors on Park Avenue!  A  garden wedding can be simple and brief, or fancy and ornate (see above).  Our trumpet trio makes a great impression outdoors, as does the brass quintet.

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